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Raw Bites Kids Peanuts Puffs - 1pc

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Price : 5000 LBP

Quick Overview

Raw Bites Kids are the perfect puffs for your kids. Made with 100% natural ingredients and free from all kinds of preservatives and additives.

Ingredients: Corn, milk protein, peanut, sunflower oil (cold sprayed), pinch of sea salt.

Origin: Lebanon

Values: natural, gluten free, no coloring, no added sugars

Storage: keep in a dry and cool place

More Details

Our proudly Lebanese project all started when our Production Director Mr. Shareef Bazzaz got diagnosed with cancer. Shareef had to change his lifestyle completely as well as his eating habits.
Eventually, besides medication, he managed to get rid of the illness by strictly sticking to all natural food, free from all kinds of preservatives, artificial flavoring and colorings. Since then, he had decided to dedicate all his expertise to design a natural healthy snack to be consumed by everyone.

Our first creation protein puffs are simply produced from five wholefood ingredients: Corn, milk protein, peanuts, sunflower oil & sea salt.
All to come up with an innovative delicious, healthy and nutritious snack that can be safely consumed by all the members of the family “on the go” or as a meal replacement. Our tasty "Gluten Free" protein puff has been proven to be a success by all means, it is one of its kind in the market today.
Raw Bites is FDA approved abides by all US regulations.


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