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Green Origins Organic Chlorella Powder

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Chlorella is a natural, green algae which harnesses energy from sunlight to fuel its growth. Chlorella cells have a tough outer wall, which limits the availability of nutrition. Our chlorella is cultivated and harvested in pure, freshwater pools. High-impact jets then break down the cell walls so it can be better absorbed by the body, before it's dried into a naturally nutritious powder.May contain naturally occuring sulphites.Produced in Asia, packed in the UK. Certified Organic by the UK Soil Association and registered by the Vegan Society.Storage: Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
Size: 75g

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Green Origins was founded in 2008 to source high quality superfoods from environmentally conscious and ethical suppliers. In the last 9 years our business has grown and evolved, however this original goal still guides what we do.

We supply superfoods in our two retail brands (Rainforest Foods & Green Origins), in bulk and private label. We have been sourcing superfoods directly from producers for over 7 years and have an excellent network of suppliers in place, allowing us to offer consistency of product supply and product quality, competitive pricing and a real understanding of the provenance of the products.

The Vegan Society developed a trademark to authenticate foods that are vegan-friendly. They apply strict criteria before authenticating a product and they cover both the ingredients and production methods employed to make the food.

Food carrying the Vegan Society Trademark symbol, is completely suitable for vegan use. You will find the Vegan Society logo proudly displayed on our products.

All of our organic products are certified by the Soil Association, which audits our whole supply chain. The certification process includes verifying where our organic products are sourced from, how they are processed, how they are packaged and the information on our labels.

Through its stringent controls, the Soil Association is able to guarantee the organic integrity of the products that it certifies. This ensures that all Soil Association certified products are 100% organic.

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