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SPLAT Biocalcium Mouthwash 275ml

Organic & Natural Cosmetics | Dental Care

Price : 33000 LBP

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Enamel restoration and gentle whitening.
Unique LUCTATOL system blocks cariogenic bacteria growth and protects against dental plaque build-up by up to 96%. The combination of hydroxyapatite and Calcis, obtained from eggshell, contributes to enamel remineralisation. Natural essential oils of lemon peel and anise have an anti-inflammatory effect. Vegetable enzyme papain whitens enamel to a natural shade and effectively breaks down dental plaque.

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SPLAT ethically and scientifically, develops and manufactures professional oral care solutions for the whole family. SPLAT products are manufactured from only the very best ingredients from leading global producers, in a modern, environmentally friendly factory. SPLAT has been recognised as the TOP-30 fastest growing global brand by Stanford University.

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