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Go Baladi Goat Laban Gluten free 1kg

Organic & Natural Food | Dairy Products

Price : 13000 LBP

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natural goat laban
hormone free, antibiotic free, natural , preservative free, gluten free

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Brand name: Go Baladi 

Go Baladi Mission is to create fine quality and super tasty, all natural dairy, with a commitment to incorporating the freshest and richest Goat milk and natural healthy ingredients in an eco packaging.

Go Baladi” uses quality ingredients with known sources: wild forage organic milk of goats and Ewes from the Lebanese mountains mainly Sannine, and without any additives or preservatives, we create the organic Labneh mkaazaleh, laban, halloum, and kechek. We are the premiere certified organic dairy in Lebanon based on EU standards and we have recently implemented the food safety management system ISO 22000.

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