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Herbatica- Eucalyptus Honey 250g

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Eucalyptus Honey
Raw EUCALYPTUS honey, in particular, is thought to have antiseptic benefits that are good for healing wounds, ulcers and sores, as well as being good natural remedies for respiratory ailments and excellent energy boosters.

In the spirit of a good therapeutic approach, the honey is best consumed raw and unheated, either added to teas or water or eaten as such, one tablespoon three or four times a day.

Amazing benefits of Eucalyptus Honey:

✔ Natural antibacterial properties
✔ Great for colds and flu
✔ Immune-boosting properties
✔ Good for urinary tract infections
✔ Anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing
✔ Rich in antioxidants
✔ Good source of vitamins and minerals
✔ Natural treatment for digestive disorders

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Brand Name: Herbatica 

Herbatica's honey and pollen products are pure, local and of a very high quality.

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