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Herbatica -Citrus Fruits Honey

Organic & Natural Food | Honey, Sweeteners and Jams

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Citrus Honey & Citrus Fruits Honey
Citrus honey improves the body both internally and externally, incorporating raw honey into your daily routine will certainly do some good. It has a citrusy aftertaste and an overall pleasant flavor and fragrance.

Amazing benefits of Citrus Honey:

✔ Loaded with antioxidants
✔ Anti-inflammatoryand anti-allergy
✔ Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
✔ Anti-microbial and anti-carcinogenic
✔ Regulates Blood Pressure
✔ Immune boosting properties
✔ Great for sore throat
✔ Efficient for bacterial respiratory infections
✔ Nutrient dense
✔ Regulates blood sugar levels

More Details

Brand Name: Herbatica 

Herbatica's honey and pollen products are pure, local and of a very high quality.


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