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Shaya Kombucha Black Tea and Hibiscus 250mL

Organic & Natural Food | Beverages & Wine

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Ingredients: Black tea, Hibiscus, Kombucha culture, organic sugar cane, mineral water.

Natural, Local Product, Vegan

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KOMBUCHA; is a probiotic drink, full of vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics. 
It is made out of fermented sweet tea, and flavored with natural fruits or vegetables. 
It is consumed cold, and is a good digestive, refreshing drink! 
SHAYA is a Farsi word that means: "Gift of God"
We as a team, are committed to using the best methods, raw materials and organic ingredients, to provide the best quality Kombucha possible, spreading the good bacteria, that is beneficial for our health.
Our slogans is: "Follow your Gut"

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