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Clipper Organic Chamomile Infusion Tea

Organic & Natural Food | Tea, Herbal & Moringa Infusions

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A delicate, distinctive infusion with a mellow floral character and sunny golden colour. Naturally caffeine-free.
Tea bags are completely free of polypropylene. Sealed with PLA a bio-material from non-GM plant material.Bag- paper & wood cellulose based binder.
100% organic certified cotton
Proud to be plastic free & unbleached of course!

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Brand Name: Clipper

Clipper is fiercely committed to being organic and anything new we make will be organic certified. Guided by our organic principles, we are committed to being GM-free and will only use ingredients from non-GM sources. We actively discourage the use of chemicals such as pesticides amongst our growers, which we believe gives us better tea that’s better for the environment.

Made in United Kingdom


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