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Almond Coconut 1 L-La Mandorle

Organic & Natural Food | Milk

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Discover our ready-to-drink Almond Milk with Coconut !

amandes Sugar Free
amandes Source of calcium
amandes Enriched with Lithothamnium Calcareum
amandes Milk, gluten and soy-free

Ingredients :
spring water, coconut* powder 4%, almonds 2%, sunflower oil*, algae Lithothamnium Calcareum 0,35%, guar* gum, carragheen.
*From organic agriculture.
**Lithothamnium is naturally rich in calcium.

More Details

Brand Name: La Mandorle 

La Mandorle is a French company created in 1989; it has been the first organic almond milk producer in France.

As being very committed to the dry fruits virtues and aware of their potential in nutrition, La Mandorle has developed with the support of the French Ministry of Research a patent of invention for the process of vegetal drinks. This patent differentiates La Mandorle from every other drink on the market thanks to its unique approach in terms of composition, formulation, process, digestive tolerance and above all nutritional answers.


The almond is the emblematic fruit of the brand; it has been recognised and appreciated since antiquity for its benefits. Full of history and symbols, the almond carries messages of hope and of renewal which reflects La Mandorle’s leitmotiv ‘To combine creation-innovation-optimisation in total respect of the natural balances for a universal dimension well-being’.

As being a real pioneer, La Mandorle has always been conceiving milk free and gluten free products made with almonds and dry fruits with a wide range of drinks proposed to answer several consumption habits: vegetable beverages, complete breakfasts and culinary preparations.


La Mandorle has an important role in the ‘high nutritional quality of organic vegetal alternatives’ and is sensitive to the diet of young children. La Mandorle has launched in 2013 the 1st range infantile organic vegetal called ‘Bebe Mandorle’. (more information on www.bebemandorle.com)

Choosing La Mandorle means choosing right natural foods of a good nutrient density and of a high tolerance concealing ‘pleasure and health’.


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